Welcome to the Global Thinking Project (GTP) Archive site. The GTP was a project dedicated to serving the education community with a web-based environmental science program. Teachers from many nations joined the GTP from 1990 - 2002. The teaching materials are available in the form of a book (see below). This site is an archive of the Global Thinking Project, including the goals of the project, the curriculum, images, research papers on the nature and effects of the GTP, and other details of interest.

The GTP emerged from many exchanges of professional educators (K-12 and the University level, & researchers).  It began as a people-to-people program between Americans and Russians, and emerged into a world wide program involving students and educators from many countries.  This emergence was enhanced in 1991, when the project established telecommunications connections between American and Russian (Soviet at the time) schools, and expanded to include schools around the world with the advent of the Internet, email, bulletin boards, online conferences, and the Web.

I hope that you will find the site interesting, and a valuable resource to you whether you are first time visitor, a returning GTPer, an educator looking for ideas for your students, and simply to enjoy a website.

Jack Hassard, Ph.D.

Emeritus Professor of Science Education

Georgia State University