Below you will find brief descriptions of the GTP Projects that formed the curriculum of the project. In a typical school year, the GTP facilitated two or three of the projects. Each project consisted of four to six lessons that are descibed in detail in the project's curriculum guide, Environmental Science on the Net.

What's It About?

Project Hello


In this project students explore their initial ideas about global thinking and global environmental problems, and learn how to use the GTP Website to share data and discuss findings with students in other schools.

Project Green Classroom


In this project, students learn to rate the environmental quality in their classroom by making a number of observations of the classroom weather, air quality, physical characteristics, population, microorganisms, and trash. Students share their data with other GTP schools, and compare conditions among GTP classrooms.

Project Clearn Air


In Project Clean Air students monitor particulates in the air and ground-level ozone. Students perform experiments to find out what is the local air quality, and then use the links on this page to not only share the data with others, but retrieve data as well. Students also participate in an ongoing discussion by sending and responding to web bulletin comments sent by others. You will also find valuable links to other sites that will help you understand the problems associated with keeping the air clean, but also links to sites that focus on Global Climate Change.

Project Solid Waste


In Project Solid Waste students examine their own personal waste stream and begin to identify ways that they might contribute to a reduction in the production of non-biodegradable solid waste.

Project Water Watch


In this project, students learn how to investigate and explore a river or stream in their local environment. Students monitor chemical, physical and biological characteristics of the river, share the data, and then compare their findings to those of other GTPers.

Project Soil


In this project, students monitor characteristics of the soil near their school and compare their findings with those of other GTP schools. Students also learn what measures must be taken to preserve the soil.

Project EarthMonth


Project EarthMonth is an open-ended project that encourages students to identify an important environmental topic, design investigations and take-action. Project EarthMonth is done during the month of April so as to coincide with EarthDay.