The Global Thinking Project maintained a program of research by involving teachers, administrators,graduate students and researchers to study various aspects of the project including exchange activities, impact of the GTP on student learning, environmental concerns of students and teachers, and effects of an Internet based program on attitudes and conceptions.

The AHP Soviet Exchange Project: 1983-1990 and beyond -- Journal of Humanistic Psychology

The genesis of the Global Thinking Project is described in this paper which traces the project from the Association for Humanistic Psychology's Soviet Exchange Project of the 1980s.

Teaching Students to Think Globally: Journal of Humanistic Psychology

This paper develops the theory of global thinking, and provides practical examples of global thinking.

The Emergence of Global Thinking Among American and Russian Youth as a Contribution to Public Understanding - International Journal of Science Education

This paper reports on research among American and Russian youth.

GTP American/Russian Exchange Project Proposal to USIA

This is an example of one of the proposals that was submitted to the United States Information Agency to support a program of American and Russian student and teacher exchanges.

Global Thinking. Teacher's Resource Guide.

The original GTP teacher's guide that was field tested in more than a hundred schools world-wide.

Environmental Science On the Net

The published version of the GTP teacher's guide.

A comparison of Russian and American students' concerns about environmental issues : implications for environmental education curriculum

Dissertation research

The effects of the Global Thinking Project on middle school students' attitudes toward the environment

Dissertation research